Copyright Infringement Warning

  1. The services relating to Faceswap Web (hereinafter called the “Services”) provided by (hereinafter called “Company”) on this website and via servers, etc. managed by Company provide technologies which swap a person’s face in videos for another person’s face by machine learning (hereinafter called the “Technologies”).

    In terms of the Technologies, Member may not use any images, videos, photos, pictures, illustrations or music, etc. (hereinafter collectively called the “Images”) created, taken, shot, drawn or made by third parties including movies. animation or videos on YOUTUBE, without licenses from such third parties. For example, uploading any Images without license from third parties to the private servers managed by Company may infringe on the copyrights of such third parties at the time of such upload even if such Images are not disclosed to the public thereafter.

    In using the Services, Member shall use the Images taken by such Member on his/her own, Images taken by his/her acquaintance who licenses such Member to use them in the Services, Images whose rights belong to such Member or Images whose license is appropriately granted by their right holders. Member shall not use, in any way, in the Services any commercially available Images such as movies or animation or any Images without license even if such Images are private Images. If Member uses the Images without third parties’ licenses in the Services, such Member may assume civil or criminal liability under applicable laws and regulations.

    Company strictly prohibits any use of the Images without rights and without license of their right holders in the Services. For more details, Member may refer to the Individual terms and conditions regarding intellectual property rights.

    If Member gives any damage to Company arising from his/her use of the Images without rights and without license of their right holders in using the Services, Company may claim compensation for such damage against such Member. If Company suspects that Member may infringe on any copyrights of third parties, Company may disclose such Member’s information and/or usage situation of the Services to relevant investigative authorities or public agencies to the extent required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

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