Cloud usage
Advanced mode
Creation Time
Limitation for videos and images
Number of learning iterations
Simultaneous creation
Video retention period
$4/hour (approx. $15/video creation)
5 Hours
50MB, 150 second video
1 Video
180 days
$4/hour (approx. $15-/video creation) (*1)
1 Hour
100MB, 300 second video
10,000 - 50,000 (4x)
5 Videos
No limit

*1) When using the basic mode. It costs $4-$60 with the advanced mode depends on the number of iterations.

*2, *3, *4) When using the advanced mode

*5) To create multiple videos at the same time, you must have enough cloud usage rights balance.

What are "Cloud usage rights"?

Creating Faceswap videos requires long hours of computer use on the cloud, which is expensive.
Cloud usage rights are the right to be able to use that computer.
For example, if you have five hours of cloud usage rights, that means you can only use the computer for five hours.
It takes about four to five hours of computer time to create a single video.
Cloud usage rights can be purchased for $4 for an hour.
* In advanced mode which automatically uses high spec server, 5x more cloud usage will be consumed.